Dressage Boot 39 N (USA 9) – Alberto Fasciani USA

COVID has effected all of our lives. We are doing our best to help everyone as quickly and as well as we can. With delays effecting production and delivery for many brands, there are some things that do not go as planned. We kindly inform you that there MAY be a slight delay in delivery. Thank you for your understanding and patience. - The Team at Alberto Fasciani USA

Dressage Boot 39 N (USA 9)

Dressage Boot 39 N (USA 9)

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Alberto Fasciani Dressage Boot

  • NEW

  • Indious Black Leather

  • Top punched border with crystal detailing

  • Medium Embossed Logo

  • Grip on the inside

  • Square Toe

  • Foot Size - 39 (USA 9)

  • Leg - N


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