33202 | size 39 SL – Alberto Fasciani USA

33202 | size 39 SL
33202 | size 39 SL
33202 | size 39 SL
33202 | size 39 SL
33202 | size 39 SL
33202 | size 39 SL

33202 | size 39 SL

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The comfort and reliability of Alberto Fasciani’s riding boots can hardly be matched and this 33202 showjumping boot is proving it once again. This is our most elegant and top of the line show jumping boot in the standard collection. Made from soft natural calf leather, 33202 is made with rear zip, ornamental brogues and an embossed logo printed on the leg. The calfskin is meticulously polished and dyed by hand - as per Alberto Fasciani’s style and heritage. Inner part in rubberised and elastic grip for a better fit.

This boot is made for the rider who wants to stand out with the highest standard in elegance and style.

100% Made in Italy

This foot fits true to size. For your calf please take 2cm off of your natural calf measurement to find your leg size as this boot does stretch.

100% Made in Italy.

  • Colour - Black

  • Custo material inside calf

  • Punched toe details

  • Embossed logo inset in top border

  • Square toe

  • Leather insole

  • Black Rubber Sole


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