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Size Chart

Leather Boots

  1. All of our measurements are taken in centimeters.

  2. Please note that most boots “drop” 2cm once they are broken in.

  3. Any boot with Custo on the inside or a stretch panel on the outside will have up to 2cm of give in the calf.

  4. Our boots are made to fit snugly at first as the leather does stretch over time.

Sport Boots

  1. All of our measurements are taken in centimetres.

  2. Please note that most boots “drop” 1-2cm once they are broken in.

  3. Please size up in the model 103 sport boots in the foot as they do tend to run small the other models run true to size. Ex - if you are a 7.5 please go with a size EU 38.

  4. Our sport boots are made to stretch to insure a snug fit and tight profile. When taking your calf measurement please subtract 2cm off to find your correct calf size. Ex - real measurement 35cm calf, look for a 33cm calf in the size chart.

Our Size Chart For All Of Our Standard Collection And Sport Boots Is Below.

  • 35 - USA 5

  • 36 - USA 6

  • 37 - USA 7

  • 38 - USA 8

  • 39 - USA 9

  • 40 - USA 9.5

  • 41 - USA 10

  • 42 - USA 10.5

  • 43 - USA 11

  • 44 - USA 11.5

  • 45 - USA 12

How to Measure

In order to measure yourself for any of our standard boots or boots in the outlet store you will need your calf measurement & height of lower leg measurement.

  • Calf measurements must be done standing up with the foot flat on the floor. Please wear the pants and socks you plan on wearing underneath of your boots. Take either a soft measuring tape or a piece of string and fit it snugly around the widest part of your calf. This measurement should ideally be done by someone helping you.


  • Lower leg measurements consist of the back of the heel - at the floor - to the crease in the back of the knee. These measurements are best taken standing up with someone helping you. Please remember your boot will drop up to 2cm once broken in. If you like your boots tall it is best to add on 2cm to your lower leg measurements to insure proper height once broken in.


  • If you do not see your leg corresponding with any fits on the size chart please Contact Us so we can assist you in ordering a custom or semi custom pair of boots.


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